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Dealer Application

Not yet a dealer?

Any reseller of office furniture can apply to become an OPUS dealer. If your application is successful you will get access to the full OPUS range with a generous across the board discount. At Arrow we understand that a good supplier provides much more than competitive pricing, so we offer a complete package of dealer support services including:

  • Quality marketing material, including the opportunity for your own covers
  • Brochures, price lists and marketing material all also available as download files
  • Access to a large library of images, CAD files, 3D colour renders etc
  • A supply of Sales Leads for you to follow up
  • Showroom discount on display furniture
  • Extra discount support on large and direct delivery orders
  • Job registration so you can ensure the first in the field gets the support

Why not apply today for access to all the above - click the link below to register now.