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New Formetiq releases available now

Formetiq Furniture

Formetiq have increased on their already comprehensive range of office furniture, with many new products now displayed at Design Hub Clerkenwell. The most extensive change is the much wider range of chairs available, giving clients enough choice to meet almost any requirement.

Alongside five types of office chairs customisable in an abundance of fabric and configuration options, also available are meeting chairs, visitor and executive ranges.

Recently introduced to Formetiq and on display at DHC is Hushh Acoustic Panels. Alongside complementing the design of the office, Hushh is cleverly designed to optimise audial working conditions. The patented fleece is designed to absorb sound to make the working environment both more comfortable and productive. Hushh panels are most frequently mounted to the walls, but are also hung vertically or horizontally from the ceiling. Customers can mix and match panels from a wide range of fabrics which allows companies to control both the look and sound of the working environment.

The Versa range is always growing as new ideas and requirements come to light. Versa Bench desking is now available with sliding tops to make cable management even easier. There’s more Versa tower pedestals to choose from and the Versa perspex screens are now available in 75 different colours. Formetiq now offers a breakout range of chairs and tables, some of which have already arrived at DHC. For all of this and much much more, it’s well worth another visit to Design Hub Clerkenwell!

Download the latest Formetiq catalogue here or Click here for information on visiting our London showroom