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Twin Screen Mounting Rail out now

Metalicon - Libero Dual Screen222222

Metalicon is releasing a dual screen solution due to outstanding interest in the Libero gas lift monitor arm from Europe, the Mid East and Australasia. Libero was designed for comfortable working and ease of use, so it may have been a backwards step to mount two units on to a single clamp.

During the prototype stages, Metalicon concluded that the movement offered by the gas lift arm was offset by the inconvenience of having to re-align both monitors every time they were adjusted.

Metalicon's innovative twin rail enables users to upgrade standard Libero monitor arms to dual screen display with ease. Monitors are thumb screwed to 75mm VESA plates, then attached to the twin rail by quick release clasps. The twin rail then clicks nicely into another quick release fitting on the Libero and voilà! The twin screen mounting rail also includes universal 75mm VESA slots to enable fitting to most monitor arms available today.

Libero holds two screens up to 4kg each, but the twin rail's capacity will depend largely on the monitor arm it is fitted to. A maximum width of 27 inches per screen does apply, albeit anything larger than that is more likely a television than a monitor. Alongside the flexibility of the arm it's mounted on, the twin rail offers an additional 90 degrees of independent monitor adjustment. Metalicon is pleased to provide a dual screen solution which doesn't compromise on the Libero's sleek appearance and simplicity of use.